- 02.03.2020

Twitter hack btc address

twitter hack btc address“Many popular Twitter accounts have been hacked, trying to convince people to send their Bitcoin to the address. Um usuário ocultou uma mensagem nas transações para a carteira de Bitcoin associada ao hack do Twitter.

The Bitcoin wallet -- the address people were asked to send their money -- listed in the tweets was soon receiving donations.

Twitter hack btc address

Tough day for us at Twitter. We all feel terrible this happened. One thing it does have in its favor, however, is that the ledger of all Bitcoin transactions is public, and searchable.

Twitter hack btc address

This is how the Department of Justice tracked down the Russian agents involved in the elections. But those transactions are still twitter hack btc address continue reading visible as the current ones, so how click at this page a person get that twitter hack btc address out of the system without getting a visit from the feds?

No funds have been cashed out at exchanges yet.

Twitter hack btc address

He said that while people believe Bitcoin is anonymous, it is really, at best, pseudonymous, since you need a real identity to collect your money. Schiener said that the easiest way twitter hack btc address launder Bitcoin is with a Mixing Service, which works in a similar way to traditional money launderingand twitter hack btc address called a Bitcoin Tumbler.

Twitter hack btc address

Essentially, a Tumbler twitter hack btc address coins from a variety of sources, both clean and dirty, and mixes them up. Schiener explained that, broadly, Bitcoin offers you security through obscurity twitter hack btc address the process of making things secure by making them hard to find, rather than anything else.

Twitter hack btc address

Which means that any well-resourced and committed investigator could keep delving until they find you. There, you can buy twitter hack btc address more privacy-focused token, like Monero, which has an obfuscated public ledger.

Twitter hack btc address

All you do then is wait for a while and buy goods and services with your Monero, or cash out when the coast is clear. Another way of laundering ill-gotten cryptocurrency is with gambling, visiting any crypto casino and putting it all on red, or black.

Someone registered the domain for that Bitcoin address from the big Twitter hack

It helps, of course, if you have connections to a gambling site, exchange or any other twitter hack btc address that will twitter hack btc address able to facilitate your laundering.

Moreso because Twitter can be used to move markets, make massive political declarations and get people fired.

Twitter hack btc address

Or using the content of their direct messages to blackmail or otherwise intimidate another high-profile figure. Sometimes hackers come twitter hack btc address valuable access they don't know how to properly monetize.

Twitter Hack: Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos (SCAM!)

Some hackers just aren't creative.

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