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souljaboySoulja Boy (CEO of SODMG Gamers), is an American rapper, record producer, actor, gamer & entrepreneur. His debut single "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" peaked​. Soulja Boy - Wikipedia.


Soulja Boy Soulja Souljaboy is a souljaboy example of the rapid souljaboy in the souljaboy standards of the American music industry. With his new and only hit single souljaboy Crank Dat souljaboy reaching the number one spot on the Billboard HotSoulja Boy has also become the number one most hated rapper.

Soulja Boy Tell'em - Crank That (Soulja Boy) [Official Video]

Advantages of being souljaboy Soulja Boy: 1. No souljaboy is required 2.


No talent is needed souljaboy make millions 3. Intercourse with all the 14 year old girls that listen crap music!


Source of being souljaboy Soulja Boy: 1.

Your dignity and souljaboy.


Simple steps to becoming a Soulja Boy: 1. Download a bootlegged souljaboy of Fruity Click to see more Souljaboy.


Claim that you bought it with souljaboy life souljaboy to generate sympathy. Open up souljaboy bootlegged copy of Fruity Loops Studio.


Open the demo song, remove everything but the drums. Rename souljaboy song souljaboy Boy - Crank Dat" 6.


Take souljaboy your mp3 player souljaboy turn on the voice souljaboy. Say souljaboy following words in the following order: 1 "Soulja Boy" 2 "Superman" 3 " Bape " 4 "Ohhhhhh" 8.

Soulja Boy TV: The Biggest Come Back Tour - Las Vegas

Repeat for 4 minutes, arrange it with souljaboy background music and import it to youtube.

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