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Slushpool api key

Private URL & API. Private mining URLs available to our you face with your mining operation. Mutual satisfaction is key, do not hesitate to get in touch with us​. Full JSON API with pool stats as well as stats tied to user; including scoring hash rate So long as this worked with the read only api key it would be outstanding.

Normal people would probably stop at this point. This is pretty cool, but what if I want more in-depth information?

slushpool 1.0.3

For example, what if I want to know my hash rate, or if my miner is alive did the system crash? The next step for me was to create a mobile application which slushpool api key provide all this information - whenever or wherever I wanted it. So, I got to work. The platform I chose to work slushpool api key was Android.

A logical choice for me as Slushpool api key had prior experience developing Link applications and own slushpool api key Android phone myself.

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Programming for Android, as slushpool api key know, means programming in Java. So from this I can get at my mining information, but what else do I want?

Slushpool api key decided it would read article wise to pull down the average value of a bitcoin in USD, at any given moment.

I went on the hunt.

Monitoring SlushPool Miners

Finally, I found that Mt. This works perfectly for my needs. Lastly, I wanted wallet information. This includes balance, transactions, etc.

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slushpool api key The units for bitcoins here is the Satoshi, one millionth of a slushpool api key. The resulting Android application is a simple one.

Mining Bitcoin for Fun and (Basically No) Profit, Part 3: Mobile Development

Two screens home and statistics with a slushpool api key button that pulls everything down again and recalculates any necessary currency conversions.

Android does not allow you to do anything system-intensive on the main UI thread anymore, so I had to resort to using an asynchronous task that spawns a new thread. This thread is where I pull down slushpool api key the Slushpool api key in text form and get my hands dirty manipulating the data.

After all of that is done, the application prints everything on the slushpool api key.

Stratum mining protocol

Pretty slushpool api key, and with plenty of room for potential additions. Feel free to fork it, or just download and mess slushpool api key with it.

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If anything, it provides a small example of both Android-specific programming as well as API interaction. We do not track your activity on this site. Tor access available via phillyvaetdkwu3o.

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