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Ledger bitcoin cash address

ledger bitcoin cash addressUsers that secured their Bitcoin Cash using a Ledger hardware wallet prior to the hard fork automatically own an equal amount of BSV as they own BCH. Manage​. This is not a valid Bitcoin Cash address. Solved. I'm trying to send some BCH from my Ledger via Changelly to convert to ETH and send to Coinbase Pro.

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Overview This specification defines a protocol for using a single Bitcoin Cash address as a data storage device that can be used in a number of interesting modes and applications. When SLP is used in numerical type ledger bitcoin cash address, arbitrarily named quantifiable resources can be created and allocated between ledger bitcoin cash address number of named entities; these entities may also be represented by a bitcoin cash address.

Claiming BCH on Ledger Nano S:

ledger bitcoin cash address When SLP is used in label type modes, uniquely named resources can be associated with one or more bitcoin cash addresses or transaction hashes.

In all SLP modes the ledger address is owned and managed by an single entity the holding the private keys for the ledger address. Implementations would simply construct a ledger's current state by examining the series of a human-readable SLP payloads at a ledger's address.

Some additional modes are described i.

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That series of transactions can be combined to calculate the ledger's current numerical ledger bitcoin cash address. The SLP ledger can be shared with others for their inspection or audit by simply sharing the ledger's bitcoin address and using a web based SLP implementation.


Label Mode e. For example, you could have a bitcoin wallet that dedicates one of its own please click for source cash addresses for storing names and labels that the this web page uses to easily identify addresses and transactions.

This would eliminate the need to use cloud file based-storage for labeling like Ledger bitcoin cash address relies upon, which likely has a propriatary ledger bitcoin cash address structure and ledger bitcoin cash address that is not portable to other wallets. SLP would provide a pathway to acheive portable address and transaction labeling across wallet softwares that could be restored with only a BIP 12 word mnemonic.

Moniker Mode e. Any software, wallet or otherwise, could implment a simple SLP reader for converting from a unique monikers to a bitcoin address. This could provide a DNS-like system for maping between a unique moniker and a bitcoin address, like an address book for contacts or trusted oracles.

Lookup Mode e.

Ledger nano s bitcoin cash coinbase transfer to ledger nano s

Ledger bitcoin cash address voting system using SLP would allow a central authority to verify each voter's integrity ledger bitcoin cash address registering the voters at the SLP address, but each ledger bitcoin cash address votes using their own bitcoin address. An SLP ledger in lookup mode would also be able to inheret entities from a previously created ledger, so new ledger could be easily created for a very specific particular lookup use case like a shareholder vote.

Another interesting usage of the lookup mode would be to use an Https://catalog-id.ru/address/faceit-2fa-reset.html ledger ledger bitcoin cash address a central Here datastore for a particular top-level domain e.

Token Mode e.

Ledger bitcoin cash address

In this mode bitcoin cash ledger bitcoin cash address would be required for each entity. Each entity would be able to use their own address to provide a written notice to the ledger bitcoin cash address to indicate desire to purchase or transfer a token.

How To Get Your Free Bitcoin Cash on Ledger Nano S Wallet

This would be a centralized method to issue and transfer tokens to individual bitcoin addresses, and the token issuer i. The SLP ledger would record all actions related to creation, destruction, and transfer of tokens between addresses holding ledger bitcoin cash address asset.

Ledger bitcoin cash address

Requests to purchase or transfer tokens could either be approved or rejected by the token issuer. If a token holder lost their private keys, a transfer could be made solely by the SLP ledger operator, and this type of ledger bitcoin cash address would obviously be void of the token owner's written notice.

An excellent use case for this token mode would be for a private company's ledger bitcoin cash address ledger, where the Company is ultimately responsible for maintaining its own stock ledger AND the stockholders here not be responsible for proving share ownership.

Ledger bitcoin cash address

Private corperations are legally required to ledger bitcoin cash address their own stock ledger in a controlled and centralized manner, which will not likely change.

The website would be used to manage check bch least one SLP ledger, which would be owned by the website, but the website would allow anyone to add new entries to the SLP ledger.

The first SLP ledger managed https://catalog-id.ru/address/how-we-get-bitcoin-address.html this site will ledger bitcoin cash address to as link "Public BCH Address Registry" and would simply allow see more to associate a unique moniker with their own bitcoin cash address.

This SLP ledger could then be referenced by any software implementation to find an address from a user provided moniker by implementing a SLP reader. Of coarse this SLP ledger registry could easily be swapped out with someone else's managed registry, sort of like changing registry channels.

Ledger bitcoin cash address

It is possible that a additional registries could be managed by this site. A registry called "Ledger Address Registry", which would simply allow anyone to publish their own SLP-compliant ledger address for public consumption and inspection, may be useful.

Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP)

The registry itself be an SLP ledger in lookup mode to display the SLP ledger's published ledger bitcoin cash address, mode, genisis date, and address. Another useful registry may be used for storing oracles who would like to be publically known.

Ledger bitcoin cash address

The registry will allow anyone to link where SLP ledgers can publish their address if desired and create ledger bitcoin cash address unique moniker for their SLP ledger.

This public registry would be stored on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain as an SLP ledger in moniker mode.

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The registry itself will be stored within a SLP ledger. During the registration process each SLP ledger's address will be registered and a unique moniker may be provided.

Ledger bitcoin cash address

SLP can work without the registry, but the registry will provide a unique moniker, analogous to a DNS, to protect the holder in case the SLP ledger address is changed. Introduction and Purpose There are many useful business cases where only a single person or ledger bitcoin cash address is responsible for keeping track of items, and the data is also relied upon by others.

In these cases, having an immutable record of historical events is often just as important as knowing the current allocation state of resources. For such purposes having a simple ledger bitcoin cash address for immutable ledger bitcoin cash address of resources on a blockchain is defined herein.

The VSP should first provide protocol ledger bitcoin cash address prior to making a SLP ledger transaction, however, post-transaction validation by the VSP should also be performed whenever state is fetched. A VSP can be used to examine balances of digital asset addresses and identify differences between actual and expected balances ledger bitcoin cash address those digital assets being visit web page with an SLP ledger.

Ledger bitcoin cash address

In return the responsible VSP maintaining the associated SLP ledger will detect your transaction and assign its digital asset to your bitcoin address within its own Click to see more ledger bitcoin cash address.

You will be issued digital asset at an exchange rate that is published by the token, VSP, on the public registry, or using a fair market value.

Ledger bitcoin cash address

The SLP compliant wallet will scan SLP ledgers ledger bitcoin cash address you have previously interacted with so that it can be aware of your asset holdings. The digital asset's SLP address may even accept a buy back of ledger bitcoin cash address digital asset using an exchange rate.

This is because the each SLP compliant asset maintains its own ledger which records and indicates how much token ledger bitcoin cash address own. You only need to maintain a balance at your bitcoin address if you would need to make an SLP token transfer in order to satisfy the underlying bitcoin cash network transaction requirements.

The first role that has been already discussed is providing click here of transactions for an SLP ledger.

Ledger bitcoin cash address

This is an important role because the VSP should be the only entity who holds the SLP ledger's private key, so it should be a trusted and responsible business entity for an important ledger. If the VSP makes mistakes the record of the mistakes will be on the blockchain, and ledger bitcoin cash address can be made by the VSP if required by ledger bitcoin cash address or the law.

The second role that VSPs may play is to act as a front-end web interface for an SLP ledger's customers or asset holders. The website or wallet should ledger bitcoin cash address the asset holder to interact with the SLP ledger, check their SLP ledger balances, and make transfers.

Ledger bitcoin cash address

However, there will always be a trade-off between security of a system and its simplicity.

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