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Telegram subscribers bot

telegram subscribers botLaunch your paid ne| in 5 minutes. InviteMember makes it simple to start a paid subscription service in Telegram. Learn more Get started. charge a subscription fee for joining a private channel. Let's get started! 1. BotFather. BotFather is the official Telegram Bot used to create bots.

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More providers are coming. How do I join as a payment provider?

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telegram subscribers bot If you work for a company that provides services similar to standalone accounts in Stripe Connectplease let us know telegram subscribers bot BotSupport kindly include the hashtag paymentsprovider in your message.

How much do you charge? Telegram does not charge any commission for using the Payments API. Note though, that most payment providers will have their own commissions. For example, Stripe in the US charges 2. What can my bot sell? Telegram does not impose any limits on what products or services your bot can offer.

But please note that you must comply with the rules of the payments provider you choose in our system. Special Note: Due to Apple's limitations, bot developers are currently not allowed to accept payments for digital goods and virtual services from iOS users. How are disputes handled? Telegram acts as a messenger between the paying user, the bot developer, and their chosen telegram subscribers bot system.

The user sends their credit card details directly to the payment apologise, xyo coin account good. Then telegram subscribers bot payment system's response and the shipping telegram subscribers bot entered by the user are passed read more the bot developer so that they can process the order.

Due to this structure, it is impossible for Telegram to handle complaints or cashbacks — any disputed payments are the responsibility of the bot developers, payment providers, and banks that participated in the exchange.

To start accepting payments, you need a Telegram bot, obviously. Have a chat with BotFather to create a bot if you haven't got one already.

Connecting Payments Now you have a merchant bot that wants to offer goods or services to Telegram users. Let's call it merchantbot in this document.

Telegram subscribers bot

First stop is to choose and connect a payment provider. At the moment, you can use Stripe for bot payments. We will be connecting more providers in the coming months, so telegram subscribers bot out for announcements on the BotNews channel.

Choose a provider, and you will be redirected to the relevant bot. Enter the required details so that the payments provider is connected successfully, go telegram subscribers bot to the chat with Botfather.

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The message will telegram subscribers bot show available providers. Each will have a name, a token, and the date the provider was connected.

You will use the token when working with the Bot API. When in mode, you can make payments without actually billing any accounts.

How to Create a Telegram Channel for Business: The Ultimate Guide.

Real cards can't be used in telegram subscribers bot mode, but you can use test cards like full list here. You can read article between test telegram subscribers bot and live mode as many times as you want, but please see the live checklist before you go live.

Please note that when your merchant bot is working in test mode, it will only be able to telegram subscribers bot invoices to those Telegram users that are mutual contacts with the account of the bot's creator. So make sure that those who will help you test the payments functionality are in your contacts list.

Telegram subscribers bot

Telegram subscribers bot Process 1. Create Invoice The user contacts merchantbot and requests to purchase something. The bot forms an invoice message with a description of the goods or service, amount to be paid, as well as requested shipping info.

Telegram subscribers bot

Use the sendInvoice method to do this. It is possible for one merchant bot to telegram subscribers bot several different tokens for different users or different goods and services.

Telegram subscribers bot

An invoice message with a pay button can only be sent telegram subscribers bot a private chat with the user. Groups and channels are not supported. The resulting invoice message will look like this: Invoice in Chat 2.

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Shipping info and other details optional step The user specifies shipping source or other info requested by the bot.

This could be the user's full name, an email address, a phone number in international format, or a full postal address for delivery. Shipping Info 3. The bot must respond using read article telegram subscribers bot with a list of possible delivery https://catalog-id.ru/account/ccex-exchange-account-login.html and the telegram subscribers bot delivery prices, or with an error for example, if telegram subscribers bot to the specified address is not possible.

Select delivery option telegram subscribers bot step The user selects a delivery option telegram subscribers bot the list the overall amount to be paid may telegram subscribers bot at this point and proceeds to checkout.

Telegram subscribers bot

Telegram subscribers bot Delivery Option 5. Pre-Checkout The user enters their payment information and presses telegram subscribers bot final pay button.

Your bot must reply using answerPrecheckoutQuery within 10 seconds after receiving this update or the transaction is canceled. The bot may return an error if it can't process the order for any reason.

We highly recommend specifying a reason for failure to complete the order in human readable form e.

Telegram subscribers bot

Would you be interested in a steel bear instead? Telegram will display this reason to the user.

Checkout In case the bot confirms the order, Telegram requests telegram subscribers bot payment provider to complete the transaction.

Once your bot telegram subscribers bot this message, it should proceed with delivering the goods or telegram subscribers bot purchased by the user.

For the user, the Invoice message in the UI becomes a Receipt — they can open this receipt at any time and see all the details of the transaction: Receipt Going Here Deep Linking Note the arrow button on the right of the receipt message on the telegram subscribers bot above.

This quick forwarding button allows the user to select multiple friends, groups, or channels and send the message to them immediately. Thanks to this button, your goods and services can spread virally — the resulting message will have a button that leads users to your bot and asks it to create a similar invoice.

You will get a token that has the string :LIVE: in the middle, e. Do not germany vps hosting this token https://catalog-id.ru/account/best-cryptocurrency-instagram-accounts.html any third parties!

Before your merchant bot goes into live mode, please ensure the following: Live Checklist We highly recommend turning on 2-step verification for the Telegram account that controls your bot. You as the bot telegram subscribers bot have full responsibility in case any conflicts or disputes telegram subscribers bot.

You must be prepared to correctly process disputes and chargebacks in the case of Stripe, see here and here. Your Terms and Conditions should be written in a clear way and easy to understand for your users. The users must confirm that they have read and agree to your terms before they make the purchase.

Users must have a clear way of contacting you about their purchases and you must process their support requests in a timely fashion.

You must notify your users that Telegram subscribers bot support or bot support will not able to help them with purchases made via your bot. Make sure that your server hardware and software is stable. Use backups to make sure that you don't lose data about your users' payments.

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Make sure that you have completed the live checklist for your selected payments provider as well as this one. Supported Currencies Telegram payments currently support the https://catalog-id.ru/account/daedalus-cardano-staking.html listed below here's a JSON version in case you need telegram subscribers bot.

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If you're using Stripe as the payments provider, supported currencies may vary depending on the country you have specified in your Stripe account more info.

The amount must be expressed learn more here 8 digits or less, so the maximum value will be correspondingly lower for some lower-value currencies like the Serbian dinar.

Note that telegram subscribers bot each currency except USD these limits depend on exchange rates and may change over time plan ahead for this when you implement limits in your code.

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