- 26.02.2020

Carryminati account hacked bitcoin

carryminati account hacked bitcoinCarryMinati's YouTube account hacked; fans troll hacker for asking bitcoins from Indians - CarryMinati's YouTube channel was hacked and the. CarryMinati's YouTube channel hacked, hackers asked for Bitcoin Around 4 am on Saturday, Ajey took to his Twitter account to inform.

Carryminati account hacked bitcoin

CarryMinati's YouTube channel hacked, hackers asked for Bitcoin donations Written by Entertainment Just days after the notorious Twitter hackwherein the micro-blogging accounts of some of carryminati account hacked bitcoin world's leaders were compromised, the YouTube channel of Indian social media celebrity CarryMinati has been hacked.

The incident apparently happened in the early hours of Saturday, and the attackers ran a cryptocurrency scam, asking fans to donate Bitcoins to a certain link.

Carryminati account hacked bitcoin

It has now been restored. In this article Details Who is CarryMinati?

Carryminati account hacked bitcoin

The year-old, from Haryana's Faridabad, carryminati account hacked bitcoin a YouTube channel six years ago. Ajey mostly posts comedic as well as live gaming videos.

CarryMinati’s YouTube Channel Hacked By Bitcoin Streamers, Ajey Nagar Seeks Help

CarryisLive carryminati account hacked bitcoin been hacked. Thereafter, YouTube's team responded, apologizing for it and carryminati account hacked bitcoin Ajey to continue the conversation over direct messaging.

Carryminati account hacked bitcoin

Twitter Post You can check the tweets here We're really sorry this happened. Mind following us so we can continue with next steps over DM?

Carryminati account hacked bitcoin

Later, the videos were either read article or taken down by YouTube, or simply not posted after the live stream ended, per reports.

Notably, Ajey's primary account remained unaffected.

Carryminati account hacked bitcoin

Information YouTube's security was criticized, memes launched Naturally, many Twitter users and CarryMinati's fans reacted to carryminati account hacked bitcoin hack incident.

Carryminati account hacked bitcoin some said they clicked on the link that led to the scam portal, others launched memes, criticizing the video streaming service's security measures.

Carryminati account hacked bitcoin

source Ajey's video carryminati account hacked bitcoin the most-liked non-music clip on YouTube India, before it was removed. Similar incident Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has sued YouTube Earlier this month, several high-profile Twitter accounts, including those of Amazon boss Jeff Carryminati account hacked bitcoin and former US President Barack Obama were hit by a similar attack, with hackers conning users into making donations via cryptocurrency.

In fact, private messages of these accounts carryminati account hacked bitcoin also accessed.

Carryminati account hacked bitcoin

On a related note, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has filed a lawsuit against YouTube for failing to stop fraudsters.

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