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Bluehost com password folder

bluehost com password folderNavigate the folder structure and select the directory you want. NOTE: To open a folder and see its contents click the folder. · Choose the Password protect this. The problem is that you have more (multiple) folders underneath the one that is password protected. If you move all the files out and delete that folder it will not.

When creating a new blog the setup process can be the most arduous stage. Thankfully WordPress is a great choice for bloggers because it offers an easy setup process with lots of features.

The biggest decision is choosing a reliable web hosting provider.

Bluehost com password folder

This bluehost com password folder will cover the WordPress setup process using Bluehost. WordPress users actually get a bluehost com password folder free domain when bluehost com password folder up for a blog hosting account through Bluehost. This includes a great bluehost com password folder for cheap hosting and your own free domain name to go along with it.

Once you select a plan the next page will ask for a domain name. If not then you can register a brand new domain for free.

Password Protect a folder on your website

continue reading But you may go with an alternative like. If so, it will offer similar domains that you might choose instead.

This will save you money but may not be the best solution. Once you submit this billing information your account should be created. Your new username and password will be emailed to you along bluehost com password folder a confirmation of bluehost com password folder purchase.

This allows you to install any number of different scripts with the click of a button. Most of these scripts require a custom database which can take much more time going the manual installation route. But if you want to skip that process, Bluehost bluehost com password folder setup all this stuff automatically.

For those who bluehost com password folder rather follow the manual installation process just skip down to the next step. This will bring you to your personal cPanel account. Click this link to be taken to the simple scripts installation page.

Bluehost com password folder

Some users do bluehost com password folder like this, which is why you may choose to do the manual installation method. Otherwise Simple Scripts is a great way to get WordPress running within minutes.

Password protect a file

If you just got a new hosting click here you should only have one domain to choose from. This will automatically create a new database for your website, install a new version of WordPress, then create an administrator bluehost com password folder for you.

Be sure to keep that written down or saved somewhere that you can access later.

Click this link to be taken to the login page for your new WordPress blog. Step 3: WordPress Manual Install optional The manual installation method requires a bit more work, however you are given more control over the setup process.

This will be downloaded as a. Both Windows and Mac computers should be able to do bluehost com password folder automatically. Mac users should be able to just double-click to extract.

What You Need

All of this content needs to be uploaded directly to your web server. This u bluehost com password folder account take you to a cPanel page which is the main control panel for your web server.

From here you can gather lots of information about traffic and bluehost com password folder setup, along with editable settings like FTP accounts.

We want to create a new database and database user which will hold your new WordPress website. Scroll down through cPanel until you find a box labeled Databases.

Bluehost com password folder

This step will have 3 important bits of data: The 1 database name, 2 database username, and the 3 password.

It will only be needed once during the WordPress setup and you do not need to memorize it.

Password Protected Folder Gives Continual Prompts

But this info is required to get WordPress working. So first create a database name. It can be anything you want since it will not affect the website bluehost com password folder be visible to bluehost com password folder.

Bluehost should force a prefix onto the database name using your account username. Keep this stored click here an empty notepad document or write it down on scrap paper.

Now back onto the same database page scroll all the way down to the bottom. From the top menu select bluehost com password folder database user, then in the bottom select your database.

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Click the submit button and you should get a confirmation that the user has been added to the database. There are plenty of free programs available for both Mac and Windows users.

FileZilla is great bluehost com password folder all versions of Windows and Cyberduck works for either operating system. FTP details are almost universal among web hosting providers. The server name is your domain what crypto interest account coinbase the prefix ftp.

So your connection details bluehost com password folder look something like this: Hostname: ftp. Otherwise you can always check cPanel or contact the Bluehost support staff directly. If there are any files inside you can just delete them.

Bluehost com password folder

Now in the other window browse your computer for click the following article WordPress files.

Bluehost com password folder everything directly to the server including the wp- folders. This may take a couple of minutes so just be patient while the files transfer. When everything is done you should be able to open your web browser and go right bluehost com password folder your domain name.

The WordPress setup process should begin asking for your database info.

Bluehost com password folder

Enter the database name, username, and password which you saved bluehost com password folder earlier. The database host and table prefix are fine so bluehost com password folder can leave those as-is.

Hit Submit and the next page should have a message confirming that bluehost com password folder database is connected. Give your blog a title and create a username for your account. The title can always be changed at a later date, but the username cannot.

However it is possible to create another administrator with a bluehost com password folder go here.

Bluehost com password folder

Finally select an email address for this account. Now you can add themes, configure plugins, or start writing new blog posts for your brand new WordPress site on Bluehost.

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