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Iecc class schedule

iecc class scheduleSkip to main content. Top Bar Menu. Apply; I am. Current Student 路 Dual Credit 路 International Student 路 Parent 路 Prospective Student 路 Returning Student. Schedule an appointment today to tour our campus and meet with one of our Olney Central College offers classes designed to enhance your existing abilities鈥.

Current nursing courses are being taught virtually to meet course and program objectives iecc class schedule to maintain social distancing for student, iecc class schedule, and staff safety.

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Welcome to our iecc class schedule website! As the Associate Dean for Nursing and Allied Health, it is my pleasure to say welcome and encourage you to access our site and see what we have to offer.

2021 IECC Massive Changes or Incremental Improvements

Nursing is a dynamic and highly sought after profession. There is a shortage of qualified nurses in our communities and our goal as a program is to take our students and facilitate iecc class schedule learning process in iecc class schedule the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for the professional registered nurse.


Iecc class schedule graduates are highly sought after and do well in their chosen career. Iecc class schedule hope is that you are able to obtain your degree at a site that fits your needs and prepares you for a future in nursing in a iecc class schedule that is right for you.

Iecc class schedule

We are hometown and family oriented and provide a learning experience close iecc class schedule home. As a program accredited by the Accreditation Commission on Education in Nursing and approved by the Illinois Iecc class schedule of Financial and Professional Regulation, we strive to ensure that you are given the best opportunity to achieve your goal of becoming a nurse.

As you consider this iecc class schedule, I encourage you to contact one of our program advisors to ask about information please click for source our program and opportunities as a professional nurse.

Iecc class schedule

Best wishes as iecc class schedule consider becoming a nurse! Students wishing to sit for the iecc class schedule nurse licensing exam are required to successfully complete this summer option.

This does not require exiting the Associate Degree Program, it just provides another option to add to your educational experience.

Please see catalog or contact a Program Advisor for more iecc class schedule.

Iecc class schedule

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