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Faucet collector scripts

faucet collector scriptsIf you want to share your script and get it listed on our site you can upload it here. Faucet Scripts are using C# (dotnet) as. Bonus Bitcoin is a completely FREE bitcoin faucet paying out up to 5, satoshi every 15 minutes. Also, at the end of each day (around midnight UTC) you will.

Version 2.

Faucet collector scripts

General: Unpause the bot respects the number of max browsers. General: Max claim wait time increased from seconds to General: Hang timeout of 15 minutes is configurable.

Worker: Fixed 30 seconds worker timeout error. Faucet collector scripts scripts since version 2. General: Prevent Cloudflare endless loops.

General: Fixed an issue that caused the script to restart. General: Pushover link fixed. General: Fixed issue when un checking faucets gave an error.

General: Updated chromedriver. faucet collector scripts

Faucet collector scripts

General: Click the following article scheduler when scheduled pause crossed midnight. General: Scripts with "no timeout or max attempts" don't auto start anymore. General: New mb and faucet collector scripts data cleanup option.

General: Improved anti bot detection. General: New label available for scripts settings: EditorType. General: Sometimes a script didn't clear from the browser faucet collector scripts when failed.

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Notifications: Specify what type faucet collector scripts notifications will be send to Telegram. General: Sometimes the license was wrongfully deactivated. Notifications: Fixed issue with too long Telegram messages.

Faucet collector scripts

General: Start and stop the bot from Telegram. General: Added a timeout for starting new browsers.

Faucet collector scripts

Notifications: The bot now also sends success notifications. General: Consolidated searching for Brave link Faucet collector scripts locations.

General: Improved downloading dogecoin 2020 musk correct chromedriver version. General: Using Brave browser is working again. Zyz, Hitbits.

General: Further optimized WMI usage. General: Ability to faucet collector scripts visibility of the faucet collector scripts per script. General: New generic setting to define the faucet collector scripts number of attempts. General: New advanced option to keep the script running during pauses.

General: New advanced option to keep the browser faucet collector scripts when the script is complete.

Faucet collector scripts

General: New advanced option to be excluded from the number of max faucet collector scripts. General: New advanced option to don't stop the script on timeout or faucet collector scripts attempts.

General: Optimized WMI usage when faucet collector scripts a lot of scripts. Scripts are now maintained on Github. General: Performance improvements. General: Show the number of successful claims in a tooltip. General: Fixed the script update notifications.

General: FC now requires. NET 4. General: Sometimes a script faucet collector scripts while the old one was still aborting.

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General: Assets are only downloaded once again. General: Scripts are running without faucet collector scripts sandbox again.

General: Unload scripts during pauses. General: Scripts now run inside a sandbox. Proxies: Proxy connections are now properly closed. General: Scripts are now stopped during faucet collector scripts pauses. General: Improved faucet collector scripts filtering on the scripts.

General: Added new option to block ads.

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Host, Bonanza News, BC. Game, Dogeto. Faucet collector scripts Play button type didn't enter the answer in some cases. General: Now using faucetcollector.

General: Advanced override options now show the default value instead of None. General: In some cases the bot kept closing scripts.

Release notes

General: Script assets marked faucet collector scripts required are now always downloaded. General: When a faucet is paused it won't keep the browser slot occupied.

Faucet collector scripts

Was bitcoin mining faucet collector scripts 2020 your Fixed crash in user faucets list. General: Lots of bugfixes and improvements.

General: Dynamic system faucets for read article installations. General: Fixed faucet collector scripts SolveMedia issue. General: Entering 0 as pause schedule is now supported.

General: Share script statistics for better faucet collector scripts.

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General: Added option to auto update scripts. General: Improved method to terminate Chrome processes that are left running. General: Freebitco. Notifications: Added Pushover.

Faucet collector scripts

Notifications: Removed discontinued Notify My Android. General: Improved bot detection prevention.

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General: Show the version faucet collector scripts of the script. General: Wait a little longer before force shutdown the browser.

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General: Faucet collector scripts chromedriver to the latest version. General: Claim timing slider automatically adjusts scale. General: Added option to imput claim timings manually.

Faucet collector scripts

General: Faucet collector scripts your license got an end date it will how many days are left. General: Added Discord invite link to the bot.

General: Rewritten some parts of the bot to improve speed. General: Scripts that are stuck for more than 15 minutes are killed. General: Sometimes the settings where unable to load causing the script to fail.

General: Added new method to prevent bot detection. General: From now on updates will be faucet collector scripts from within Faucet Collector. General: System faucets can also be updated with the "update all" button.

General: Double click on faucet collector scripts user faucets scrollbar did open browser. General: Screenshot methods available in scripts. General: In some cases long running action failures weren't handled correctly. General: Increased page load timeouts with 30 seconds. General: Support for downloading files when running a script.

General: Auto loading AdBlocker faucet collector scripts on many scripts. General: Sometimes stopping didn't close the scripts. General: Headless mode now skips loading extensions.

Faucet collector scripts Fixed a deadlock hang issue. General: Fixed a bug in the popup detection. General: Hiddens browsers where visible on 4K monitor. General: Improved scripts update detection. General: Added option to mute sounds. General: Improved browser popup closing.

General: Improved detection of Google Chrome installation folder. CapMonster: Shows the results in the log.

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