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Wirex support uk

The Wirex Account gives you cutting-edge cryptocurrency features along with traditional currency accounts and globally accepted debit cards. Contacting support. Region: Europe. How to contact Wirex support whose registered office is 9th Floor, Cheapside, London, EC2V 6DN, United Kingdom.

Following a review I made not but a few weeks ago, I have been experiencing continued issues with Wirex.

wirex support uk Again, unfortunate as when it does work, it shows promise but support remains weak, slow and hides behind a front end service desk that provides no response of value or one that a user can use to appreciate issues.

It's just plain and simply inexcusable. I have had dialogue with 'Anna S' from Wirex who has been semi helpful in keeping me posted and for that wirex support uk you Anna but to be frank, this is nothing more than front end support, entirely lacking in any detail, explanation, or possible time frame.

Its semi automated in truth.

I have a Wirex Euro account and card and so far this functions ok. The mobile app is fine albeit it needs interface refinement. My GBP sterling card though is an entirely different story. Part of the supposed ease of this companies offer, is wirex support uk be able to quickly top up your accounts from an wirex support uk 'other' link debit card, rather than wirex support uk to go through 'other' banks web and send payments by other means.

However, consider, crypto games voucher code 2019 think a card from a well established UK bank Lloydsthe wirex system declines incoming payment every time.

London-based Wirex achieves record crowdfund for crypto company, raising +€4 million on Crowdcube

Wirex support uk process is that you debit your other banks card with a set amount, once debited you get the 4 digit code from your bank statement, use this to validate the card on your Wirex account and wirex support uk therein, its suppose to be a simple as it wirex support uk be process to continue future Wirex top ups.

My problem is that wirex is a voiceless support service. You can only contact support as a logged in customer and as per my last review, if your locked out of your account, getting support is a nightmare. I have had wirex support uk replies from Wirex in the unhelpful vain of 'our support team are aware of the issue and are working on it' after now 18 days yes 18 days still no resolution to what should be wirex support uk wirex support uk easy support solution.

On checking the Wirex forum, it seems there are many support problems at present, I would. Your customers need better quality information than, 'we are learn more here and are working on it' we need at least and wirex support uk of time frames, we need at least regular updates, not updates wirex support uk have to be prompted by your customers for.

Does this give any confidence for the launch of there Mastercard solution, no not at this point, especially when Transferwise and others have a slick operation and fast responsive support that nails issues within hours as a rule.

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Wirex, I do hope a large portion of your crowdfunding this month goes straight into a major revamp of support. As my GBP card is not functioning as it should, please stop wirex support uk me the monthly fee, its not wirex support uk but thats not the point.

To those next edition setup arcade coinops Wirex, putting support aside, it has potential but don't yet make it your primary solution.

I have wirex support uk them one star, simply because its now 18 days, no quality feedback and no resolution.

Wirex Debit Card Review

wirex support uk If zero stars was an option I would still have given one star as at least Anna S has provided what extremely limited comment she can.

Still disappointing. I would like to use this solution more and if credit is due, give it and support a far more positive review, but at present, I cannot. Wirex, please don't post another wirex support uk of those standard replies, the 'sorry for the inconvenience, etc etc' spend the time please sorting this out.

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