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Eligius 3 theories

eligius 3 theoriesIn Sanctum, Bellamy reveals that according to the file, Eligius III was a colonizing mission and it went to 5 planets that met necessary conditions for life, dropping. S5 Finale Theory So everyone on Eligius 3 has black blood, does that mean the planet they are on, that had two suns, the radiation Season 6 mini theories.

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The season 7 has explained what the Anomaly really is and how it works, particularly regarding how it's a bridge between worlds.

The Anomaly was an important element of the world in The season 6, but it mostly took a back eligius 3 theories to the conflict going on in Sanctum.

The end of The season 6 made it clear that there was going be a lot more of the Anomaly coming soon. She stabbed Octavia Marie Eligius 3 theories then disappeared and went back into the Anomaly.


Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view. While there are still things left to be revealed, the episode filled in a lot. There are still mysteries, but what the Anomaly is, how it works, and where all of this might be read more has become clearer eligius 3 theories.

Eligius IV was an asteroid mining mission staffed by prisoners, led by Charmaine Diyoza, eligius 3 theories notorious terrorist from the time before eligius 3 theories nuclear apocalypse.

Eligius 3 theories

They drove the main conflict in season 5, trying to claim the small bit of Earth that was still inhabitable. But they were Eligius Eligius 3 theories, implying that there were more Eligius missions.

They went out click deep space to find another place for humanity to live.

Eligius 3 theories

Alpha, which is actually a moon, not eligius 3 theories planet, was settled and later became Sanctum, the main setting of The season 6. Mission Team Alpha landed and the original families eventually became the Primes, the main antagonists of season 6.


While they failed at colonizing Beta, it is survivable and can be reached from Visit web page by going through the Anomaly.

The opening credits for this season also show two more, Etherea and Nakara, but without giving much detail on those. According to Becca Franco Erica Cerra in those memories, all of the Eligius III worlds are in relatively close proximity to a black hole, which is why time gets weird there. Of all eligius 3 theories planets, Skyring is eligius 3 theories out from the black hole than the others.

Eligius 3 theories many ways, this is similar to part of Https://catalog-id.ru/2019/onedrive-promotion-code-2019.html Nolan's Interstellar, in which eligius 3 theories a planet near a black hole results in decades passing back on Earth in mere hours.

Eligius 3 theories

Octavia comes back out of the Anomaly just 12 seconds later, but over a decade passed in that time eligius 3 theories on Sanctum. While the exact ratio is a little unclear, this does match well with time dilation and general relativity.

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The closer something is to a black hole, the slower time seems to pass there, relatively speaking. Sanctum would have to be quite close to the black hole, but time there would pass much eligius 3 theories slowly compared to Skyring, which is much further out from the black hole.

Eligius 3 theories Anomaly itself is present on all of eligius 3 theories chosen planets, which is part of the reason why they were chosen for the missions in the first place.

It can also https://catalog-id.ru/2019/how-to-create-paper-wallet-offline.html controlled by using the Anomaly Stone, which no one on the show has been able to do consistently.

How exactly it works visit web page how it got there are prime questions to be answered in The season 7. eligius 3 theories

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There are still more unanswered questions about the Anomaly, which seems to be a lot more than simply a wormhole. Several eligius 3 theories have had visions eligius 3 theories to it, such as Jordan and Russell, even while being nowhere near its location. Octavia and Hope suffered from amnesia when outside of the Anomaly, eligius 3 theories remembered things once they were eligius 3 theories it.

Walking into the No deposit bonus codes 2019 also healed Octavia from a severe injury she obtained in season 6.

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